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To Do (21 left)

  • Wardrobe Change every 6 months
  • My own Louis Vuitton / Burberry complete accessory set.
  • Retire and travel around the world @ 40
  • Stay at Vegas for a month. Casino on the house ;)
  • Get married at my native's. Expenses for all paid.
  • Take care of Maternal Grandmother's expenses
  • Gift Maternal Grandmother her own House
  • Provide uncle with the best of medical facilities
  • Take care of both my cousin's education & marriage expenses
  • Annual international trip with my best buddies - all expenses paid by me
  • Own private Chopper - the one with YRF
  • A small fully automated house at a large private beach
  • 7 back to back Bhagwad Gita for Grandmother across the religious places in India
  • Gift Mom & Dad all expenses paid international holidays - every year
  • Sponsor one new enterpruner every year
  • Start my own Educational Institute at my home town.
  • Start my own Hospital at my home town
  • Never use the same car for more than a year
  • Have a private wardrobe of perfumes & watches from across the world
  • Possess rare collectibles like Paintings, Books, Music Albums every year
  • Sponsor 1100 marriages for poor rural girls every year across India