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  • The employee should have “fired himself” (or herself) by not complying with previously made statements, guidances, warnings and so forth.
  • Before the meeting, disable any security access codes the employee has to email accounts and other services.
  • The actual termination meeting should be relatively short, such as ten to fifteen minutes, and have as its sole purpose providing a simple and concise statement of the decision to terminate the employment relationship.
  • If it is a surprise dismissal, it is advisable to let the employee give his or her side of the story and to vent his or her emotions.
  • Make it clear that the decision is final. Take the position that the decision has already been made and that all alternatives were considered.
  • Explain the job reference policy, e.g. We customarily provide only job title and dates of employment to employers asking for a reference.
  • Advise other employees that the fired employee no longer works at your organization. This will help ensure that an unknowing employee does not allow the terminated employee access to sensitive information.