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  • Complete the 'Finding your strengths' tasks we began on Monday, Week 1
  • Complete 3 text mapping exercises using business letters you have found online
  • Complete 'Me as a Learner' quiz
  • Use the quiz to fill out the 'Me as a Learner' circle graph
  • Complete a 'Me as a Learner' reflection (200 words) where you reflect on how well the quiz and graphs reflects your learning style.
  • Complete a 'Approaches to Learning Reflection' (on StudyWiz)
  • Complete a 'Documenting Learning Approaches in Subjects' for each subject you have taken this year. For full year subjects, you only need to complete one for the year (on StudyWiz).
  • Complete 'Finding my Strengths' activities (on StudyWiz)
  • Print off the Panel Presentation task sheet (on StudyWiz)
  • Print off the Panel Presentation Structure (on StudyWiz)
  • Download the Panel Presentation Letter Scaffold from StudyWiz and make complete
  • Show the completed scaffold to your teacher to get approval and for suggestions
  • Write the first draft of your Panel Presentation letter, using the scaffold for the letter content and your text mapping exercises for the structure
  • Proof read your Panel Presentation letter draft and make sure you have not made spelling, grammatical or structural errors
  • Give a printed copy of your Panel Presentation letter draft to your teacher for editing