Start of Term Checklist (13 items)

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To Do (13 left)

  • You have all of your desk copies, and your TAs have all of their desk copies
  • You have confirmed that the edition of your text is the most current
  • You have placed your order with the bookstore
  • All faculty teaching the course have instructor accounts for any digital products in use and know how to use it/them.
  • All faculty teaching the course know how to access instructor resources, direct students to the course site(s), create assignments, pull reports, etc.
  • purchasing options for the course have been posted on your Learning Management System and/or your course outline
  • You have course section(s) set up in your LMS and any in other digital product you're using (eg. Connect) for this term
  • CONNECT USERS: all faculty are familiar with the Connect Success Academy which contains tutorials, FAQs and walkthroughs.
  • CONNECT USERS: your section URL is posted on your course site: (if you're not using MHCampus)
  • MH CAMPUS USERS: You have your Learning Management System sections paired with your McGraw-Hill product section (Connect, ALEKS, SimNet)
  • DIGITAL PRODUCT USERS: You have posted support contacts on your Learning Management Site for your students: 1-800-565-5758
  • You have scheduled a student presentation with me so I can explain registration steps, purchasing options, and general how-to for any adopted McGraw-Hill digital product
  • CUSTOM TEXTS: you have your custom created, completed, approved and ordered.