Improvements (14 items)

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To Do (14 left)

  • 1 - You must put a title and price for every component at the top of each page.
  • 1 - You must provide a picture of every item.
  • 1 - Every component, including software, needs a specification.
  • 1 - You need to lay this document out better.
  • 1 - You must give a short explanation of why you chose each item.
  • 1 - You need a much better screen.
  • 2 - I have not idea what the first two pages of this report are for!
  • 2 - This report needs to be laid out better. Begin by explaining the report. What is it going to show?
  • 2 - Then show a screenshot of the toolbar, with all of the tools numbers.
  • 2 - Then go through every tool, one at a time, describing the tool and showing what it can do with an example image.
  • 2 - Then go through every effect in the effect menu, describe the effect in general and then show one of the effects, 2 - describe it and provide a before and after example image.
  • 3 - You need to begin this task by describing each of the three graphics packages. I would expect at least a half a page description of each piece of software.
  • 3 - You must chose two different tools, that are in all three graphics packages, and then demonstrate the best you can do with each of the two tools in each one of the graphics packages.
  • 3 - When comparing tools in the different drawing packages I must see examples of the best that each tool can do. For example the best drawing with the drawing tool in Paint, Paint.Net and Xara.