Agile Development & Usability: Checklist of Ten Things to keep in mind through the stages of UI design. (10 items)

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  • Simplicity - have less elements on the page than more
  • Clearness from inside out - keep the html and css simple and clean
  • Remember! Spaghetti html and css code = messy UI
  • Reuse as much as possible: UI elements, code, etc
  • Create templates & includes to avoid redundancy
  • Avoid too much color contrast - pick a clean simple color scheme
  • Avoid rounded corners or invest your time in creating a bullet proof rounded corners technique that you can reuse
  • Test other browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer) through out the development NOT at the end
  • Validate your CSS and HTML (It's important, you might find lost divs!)
  • Test your UI design at least on one person (someone who has NOT seen it before)