christmas wishlist (15 items)

Last updated: over 13 years ago

To Do (15 left)

  • poppy by coach
  • sweaters (fuzzy or sparkly or both!)
  • the other guys on dvd
  • currahee t-shirt
  • barnes and noble gift card
  • and/or a half price books gift card
  • diana istant back (if it works with my mini)
  • ion slide to pc converter (online at urban outfitters)
  • a nice picture album to put my favorites in (not a cheap dollar store one)
  • a sun jar! (one in that geek mag jake always gets, or at urban outfitters)
  • jeans (skinny)
  • green patriot posters (book)
  • a belt for my pants...
  • people who deserve it by tim gordon
  • those boot slippers