Life Church Sound (13 items)

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To Do (13 left)

  • Turn on sequencer box below the sound board
  • Turn on Stage Speakers
  • Adjust sound for worship team (monitors)
  • Walk around church to listen and adjust mains
  • Test Pastor's mic and handheld
  • Set up Logic Pro file on Mac for recording the sermon
  • Create New File from Template (Sermon-New)
  • Check audio input (Logic Pro X/Preferences/Audio/Input Device: X-USB
  • Enable Recording by clicking the R on both Narration vocal tracks (Handheld and Lapel)
  • Click the Record Button (red dot) to begin recording at announcements
  • At the end of the service, stop recording and cut out all "dead" sections of audio (Remember Logic records audio even when mics are muted on the sound board!)
  • Create mp3 file (select section of audio using the yellow bar at top, go to File/Bounce/Project or Section, click OK and title the file with 6-digit date (ex: 06.04.17))
  • Upload mp3 file to website (Be sure to publish!)